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The Simon Relay Computer
Construction Plans for Simon
By Edmund C. Berkeley and Robert A. Jensen
Copyright, 1952 by Edmund C. Berkeley
Second Edition, published March 1952
by Edmund C. Berkeley and Associates
36 West 11 St., New York 11, NY
Second Printing, October 1952
Third Printing, August 1952

Simon is a small portable mechanical brain, weight 39 lbs and in volume 1 1/4 cu. ft.

It was constructed by Edmund C. Berkeley and Associates, in the period November 1949 to May 1950, and was modified to become more powerful July 1950 to September 1950.   The materials cost about $270.  At first, Simon could handle only numbers 0,1,2 and 3, and four operations: addition (without carry), subtraction and negation (without carry), greater than, and selection.
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