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FPGA Implementation

Alongside is a DE2-115 FPGA development system.  There are many such systems of varying costs, but this particular one has a nice selection of switches, push-buttons and LEDS.  It is also one of the target systems for the FPGA implementation of the PDP8 as detailed on the OpenCores web site.  The amount and size of the software you need to download before you can do anything is terrible, but that is 'par for the course' for these systems I believe.

The PDP8 project is very small in comparison!

Alongside is also a short video of the OpenCores PDP8 system running OS/8 on a DE2-115 development system.
The design accepts SD cards programmed with rk05 images in the same format as used in SIMH.

(Incidentally, if you are new to FPGAs then I can recommend Simon Monk's book 'Programming FPGAs: Getting Started with Verilog' as a useful and gentle introduction.)
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