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The Digital Computer Lab

This is a TTL based logic tutor produced by DEC (Canada) in 1969. The graphic patch panel includes a selection of gates and JK flip-flops as well as eight 'toggle' switches, three pulers, a variable speed clock, and eight indicator lamps.  The unit includes a power supply - 110V with a US plug. A selection of patch cables was also included.

Mine was bought from eBay several years ago and has remained in the attic until now. It's in a bit of a sorry state, but nothing that isn't restorable.

I have replace the original transformer with a new one. The original was a 110V primary filament transformer - a centre tapped 6.3V - 0V - 6.3V.  Around 25VA I would guess given the size. The replacement is almost identical, but with a 230V primary.

The new transformer in place and basic power supply seems to be working. Lights show and the switches do what I would expect. Given it's out of the case and I am balancing it all vertically, it's difficult to test much more at this stage.

After much testing and trials, I removed the paint from the front panel which has left the DIGITAL logo untouched. That has now been masked off and the panel spray painted satin black. I took scans of the panel beforehand. I need to find the appropriate size and type face for white letraset to complete the panel markings. Before that I need to mask off all but the white boarder and spray that. I think a layer of clear spray lacquer afterwards might be a good idea.
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